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Jul. 29th, 2011 11:03 am
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For an introduction...

HI! I am Ria, Nal_rene, Naliarenegade (Livejournal), among other names I have acquired. Feel free to refer to me as any of these.

I am 18 ad an American University student. You can expect to hear about my life, family, school, theater, and possibly some fanfiction. That's what this journal is about. Getting me to write out my thoughts and, hopefully, become a more decent writer in the process.

Fandoms I am interested in... (Bold fandoms are going to be the ones you hear most about)
Final Fantasy: VII,VIII,X,X-2,XII,XIII
Harry Potter (First Fandom)
Teen Titans (Old Fandom)

Friend me! :D

I Live

Apr. 8th, 2013 06:27 pm
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Hmm... I have a tendency to say that a lot, don't I?

Yeah. I do.

Nevertheless, I do live. I am going to a party tonight. I have a job. I have some new fandoms. I have some new friends. I am out of my depressed funk. All in all, life is good.

I will share more later, but for now, FF_Land is moving over here, so I will be here more. :D
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Almost done with my first Areyougame prompt, but this post is more just to inform you all that I am moving back to the east side of Washington to my new apartment where I have no internet. I am looking for a job, so that I can hurry and get internet, but it's slow and difficult if I am 2 hours away. So that being said, my LJ and DW activity will be much much lower.

I will get on at least once a day, hopefully more, and just steal my friends internet connection for a while. He is like a puppy who wants to be loved all the time. I don't think he'll care that half of the reason I am over at his house is for internet and cable.

Worse comes to worse I will bribe him with food. Best way to a man's heart, neh?
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Oh boy... 11 prompts... But they were such good prompts! And there wasn't enough Final Fantasy fics last time around, so I need to just fill all the stuff that I can. (Given that I get the prompts I claimed.)

So much love. :D

2 VIII prompts
4 VI Prompts
1 VII Prompt
1 X Prompt
1 XII Prompt
2 XIII Prompts

So much love. Expect lots of fic from me in July.
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Logic Final. 50% of grade. 2 hours. 1 hour on just three proofs. 5 points extra credit. Brain dead.

Owie. Owie.

Need something. IDEK!!!!!!!

fjkdlasfjkdf kajdfkla kfjads kjadnc alkdjfow wef a fjda................

I feel a tiny bit better.


May. 17th, 2012 02:07 pm
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Title: Requiem of a Dream
Summary: What is a dream and what is reality? Hope isn’t sure anymore.
Characters/Pairings: Hope/Lightning, Alyssa
Word count: 801
Rating/warnings: None. Just sorta sad.

“I am plenty cute, Director Hope Estheim.”
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Oh my...

I am feeling so much creative energy. It's crazy. On top of Screnzy, I have the insane urge to write Final Fantasy VI fic. Oh dear! I need to stop before I get ahead of myself. But so much creativity is flowing through my veins. I have to remember o stop and eat every once in a while.
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So, I was going to go to class. I should have gone to class. I should still go to class, but my ear hurts so fracking bad. So I will do my Homework instead and read chapters of textbooks that I need to read. And I should write some fanfiction.

I have a cool Original that I'm in the middle of world building. It's post-apoctolyptic, because that is what interests me most, to be honest.

I think I am going to participate in Script-Frenzy. Oh Dear...
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OMG! So many messages in my inbox.

Winter quarter sucked. I'm not even going into it. It just sucked. But Spring is looking great! So now I will be on... a lot. BUAHAHAHAHA!

I'm starting to feel good about writing again. I've just decided that no one can read my stories until I post them. Otherwise I feel like it's crap.
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I got irrationally happy when suddenly I looked up and one of the tabs on my internet read "Success!". I clicked it and it was Dreamwidth saying I was successful in posting something.

XP Silly me.
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Looking around
in a sea of haggard faces.
We are young still.
So what is this?
This sadness.

Happiness at strange material things.
Metal cases with music,
our souls, trapped inside of them.
God forbid
we have any voice of our own.

Conniving to find a way
to trap the world,
creativity, to starve
those with souls and reward those without.
Creating a world of madness.

What is this madness,
This insanity that tears us apart?
Crushing the angels.
Choking the devils.
Creating, creating, but never achieving.

What is this madness,
that kills our souls and
snips our heartstrings?
Why do such young people
look like they are about to collapse?

At the coffee stand
before the sun has awoken,
to start each day with a cup of poison.
They give it to us because they know
we'll riot should WE ever know.

They chase us, choke us,
beat us, rape us,
so we never stand,
so we never see,
our eyes too shadowed by their smiling green.

Meat filled with shit,
potatoes baked and covered in grease,
not grease, no even worse than that,
our children's lives is what we eat,
our freedom we'll never keep.
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I finally caved and got a Facebook page because its the main way theater people at CWU communicate apparently...

I feel lame.

But I found all my favorite theater friends!


He'd hurt me for calling him that.

And there are all these stupid ads on my page that I don't know how to get rid of. RAGAHRLKJDFSDKJHAEHRRRAAAGG!

Fanfiction needs to be more in my life... as does rping... as does school.

3 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!

*Goes nutz*
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That is right! Today is August 31st! It is my birthday and guess what? I am celebrating it with me, myself, and my mom. She is taking me to the spa and I am getting a massage. Tomorrow were having my b-day dinner! Spaghetti and cheesecake! Weird combo? Probably.

I am also Rping with Bri, and god knows what else. Yes today is my birthday.

I could buy a sex toy if I wanted to today.

The question is if I have money to do so. Probably not. :D

I need to write. I need god fanfiction to read, but I'm too lazy to search for it. Maybe I should just go do it.

I do live!

Aug. 28th, 2011 12:45 am
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Okay world. I guess it's time for an update on why the heck I've seemed dead. I've been busy.

Since the last post where I talked about the Ren Faire... I realize that I don't remember if I said anything good about it. I think I only complained. Let me remedy this!

IT WAS AWESOME!!! I can't even describe how awesome it was. There was Queen Mary of the Scotts (God was she beautiful), The queens privateers that were just straight out pirates, there was a marionette show (the emperors new clothes in which I got to go up and be the emporers daughter. I may have developed a little crush for the tiger clad bard of unknown gender. The persons voice and their eyes. Oh my god...), there was jousting, there were vikings (two groups of awesome vikings!), there was an acting troupe that performed Shakespere's greatest comedy Romeo and Juliet three times in under and hour. AND THE SHOPS!!!!!!! I was in heaven. I was there at 9:30 before it opened and stayed until closing. I was so happy. I want to stay there forever...

Then I got back and started cleaning the house because we moved into an apartment. My internet died and I could not even look at all of the awesome things going on. I was there for a week then moved into the apartment and was there for one day. Long enough to look things over and update a little. I also spent the whole day with my brother who was a snot because he is turning 10 this year and all 10 year olds lack the ability to just keep their mouths shut. Teenagers can, they just choose not to.

I might be repeating myself, but that doesn't mater. it's late and I'm exhausted.

Okay I've just slept.

Then we went down to Dave's, my dad's bffl about 3 hours away. We were there for a week and while I had internet and participated in some community events over on Livejournal, I really didn't have the time to update. I did however start working on a fic and get an idea for another. Those will probably go up in a week or so.

I have been watching Full Metal Alchemist and it's awesome. And I watched Dark Angel for the first time aa couple days ago. IT'S SO FREAKING AWESOME! I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY JESSICA ALMBA ISN'T THAT BAD OF AN ACTRESS!

Rant over... i need to find good meme's.

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So, as most of you know, I am going to a Renaissance fair this weekend. There were lots of complications with that.

Cut because Chloe can't plan worth crap and is making me drive really far out of my way tonight. I'M TIRED! )

Wow am I a good friend to her.

Long story short. I am not going to spend any time this weekend writing or being on DW or LJ. The only one who will here from me will probably be Bri. So have a good weekend everyone. I hope to be able to tell you all sorts of fun things by next Monday.

Video Rec

Aug. 5th, 2011 07:41 pm
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So after spending all day fighting with my computer and WoW and everything, I decided to go looking for videos. I FOUND SOME!

If my Heart were a House (Nice/Jacuzzi)
So sweet... and its Baccano... what isn't to love.

Vino is a Monster
It's about Claire the Rail Chaser... do you have to watch it? OH YEAH! Is it gaga? Yeah, so what it's good, so watch it.

Baccano - Get Ready to Die
Come on... you gotta watch this one. Great choice of scenes and songs. Fast paced and FUNNY!

Baccano! - Psycho

Really messed. Lots of violence, but very well done. I mean come on the entire show is fucking disturbing... lots of blood and killing and insanity.

Baccano! - Violence ClaireXChane
So awesome. There isn't a whole lot of vioence, but it's a pretty good vid about the two of them

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I'm downloading World of Warcraft... again. New computer, but still. I am kinda afraid it will consume my life... again. But it was so fun to play.. AND I CAN PLAY WITH PAPA SO HE DOESN'T GET LONELY!

All in all. I think it's worth it. I have fanfiction to keep me from letting my life get totally taken over.

Restarted my Seifer fic... because it was crap, so I just started from scratch again. Bye-bye 1500 words... WORTH IT!!!

And I've decide that I use caps lock a lot... maybe too much... and the amount of dot-dot-dots make me sound like Vincent...



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This stuff isn't but the next stuff is. SO! FFXII!!! I love you... I love you... You are still my favorite game and I know I have been neglecting you, but Here! THE WORLD GETS TO SEE YOUR AWESOMENESS!!!
  • Cool mornings and hot days. Busy and relaxed bazzars. Ashe loved her country, it's harsh landscape and resilient people. Even in the midst of suffering her people were proud. They knew that these plate clad intruders would either flee or perish from Dalmasca's hot sands. Ashe only hoped they were right, that she - the sands, the sun, the cool oasis, and the dangerous wildlife - could be what they expected. She hoped she could really save them.
  • Penelo could smile and pretend while the sun was shining on her face and sweat was dripping down her body; but when the stars came out and Vaan sat moodily in the corner of their alley, she couldn't ignore the crushing despair she felt or the growl in her belly.

Aww... I love writing about the people of Dalmasca during the occupation. It is awesome! I need to write more of it.

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Wow... that's a lot of caps lock...

ANYWAY! I found some old writing. I will be posting it up here because I'm rather proud of it. This first set is a bunch of sentances I wrote while looking into the thoughts of the FFXIII Characters... I'm rather proud of the result... ESPEACIALLY MY HOPE/LIGHT THING!!!

  • On crystal clear nights, Hope thinks back to his childhood on Cocoon and can't help wanting that security for his own children. The he holds Lightning a little closer to him and knows that this is the best security he could hope for. Family. Fighting. Surviving.
  • Vanille  wasn't used to sleeping alone, but she couldn't tell Sazh that. He didn't know about Fang, about Gran Pulse, so she drew the line and went to sleep.
  • The suns gaze woke a disgruntled Hope. He pulled Lightning's warm body a little closer and buried his face in her fragrant hair. After a few moments of dozing he frowned. When had this happened. Oh shit. Lightning was going to kill him.

Yeah... you can see how much fun I had. So in chronological order it goes: Vanille, Hope sleeping, Hope pondering.

They were blips... they make me happy... I WROTE A BUNCH FOR 12 TOO!!! That comes next.

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Title: Homesick
Characters: Snow
Rating: G
Word Count: 115


This place is not your home. )



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